Muller will not speak on transfers publicly from now on

Muller will not speak on transfers publicly from now on


Thomas Muller insists that he will not pass comment on potential transfers again. This comes after his recent remarks have been twisted to create a lie about internal arguments at Bayern Munich.

The Bavarian giants veteran striker has recently made a few comments about possible transfer activity at the club.

The player also made reference to the sums of money involved.

These remarks have been construed as an internal battle between the player and the club, something he has taken to social media to vehemently deny.

Talking on Twitter he appears to have now taken a vow of silence.

He said: “At FC Bayern there is no internal dispute over the waiver of salaries with regard to possible transfers in summer. We have waived our salary for completely different reasons, namely for our employees.”

“My statement related to the fact that I was annoyed that I was asked about transfers next season after a cup semi-final.”

“It is pretended that these top transfers, which we absolutely need can be managed with a snap of your fingers. As if 100 or 50 million euros are not big sums in these times we are in right now.”

“Personally, I want the best possible squad for me next season.”

“I will no longer speak publicly about transfers. Let us be relaxed about the future.”

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