Karim Benzema says he will come back to Lyon one day

The player admits he has a strong bond with Lyon and will return one day.

However he is clear that right now his future is with the best club in the world, and that will not change anytime soon.

Speaking to his old sides official club website, ol.fr he talks affectionately about the French side and the possibility of seeing out his playing days there.

He said:

“Coming back to Lyon? It is often said to me. People know how attached I am to Lyon.”

“Coming back to Lyon immediately is not possible because I am in the best club in the world and I have a lot of things to do.”

“But I could come back to Lyon and retire, why not?”

Benzema does guarantee he will be back one day but he just can’t promise in what capacity.

The Real Madrid man added:

“Anyway, I will come back to Lyon, whether as a footballer or not.”

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