Funny Video – Mbappe and Co. mock Haaland

Mbappe and PSG beat Borussia Dortmund to write their own little piece of Parisian history.

The victory as made all the more satisfying by the team’s defensive ability to make one of the hottest strikers on the planet a mere bystander in the game.

Erling Haaland failed to make a single shot in the round of 16’s second leg at the Parc des Princes.

The closest he ever came, was missing the chance to connect with a cross. But other than that, he was nowhere to be seen.

It was the total opposite of the first game, where he scored twice. It was there that he showed the world his meditational yoga goal celebration.

It appears that the PSG players took exception to have their noses rubbed in it by a 19-year-old prodigy.

So when things didn’t quite fall into place for the youngster, his opponent made the most of it.

First on the field with a nice team picture.

Then there was sharing the karma with the fans from the stadium rafters.

Finally, PSG’s very own prodigious talent Kylian Mbappe went three for three and made a video.

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