Watch Video of Cristiano Ronaldo Unexpected Stuff

Cristiano Ronaldo Unexpected Stuff.

“Right foot, Left foot, head, knuckle, backheel, dribbling, skills , finishing,agility, accuracy, visual.. etc =CR7 🐐”

“Most complete player in the history πŸ’―β™₯️ proof he can do this any league πŸ’― played his career as a midfielder,winger and now striker early man united ronaldo was a dribbler, playmaker. In madrid he beacame the greatest goal scorer(scored 450 goals in 438 matches).already has 200+ assists. now we all know he’s the greatest of all time πŸŽ–οΈοΈ”

But this man…no this living legend, has shown what the right mentality can do. the skills to dribble the ball can only get you this far. but the right mentality will keep you on the top of your game. no matter how old you are. thats why that captain armband suits him the most. he’s the leader that we all can trust and follow every game. win or lose. cristiano ronaldo is always the best footballer and inspiration. 🐐”

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