Watch Video of Epic Shithousery Moments With Cristiano Ronaldo

Epic Shithousery Moments With Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Don’t challenge him, GOAT🐐⚽❤”

“From last season we also had the moment that he scored a hattrick the game after the Porto loss and he went to the camera and pointed to his ear. And the moment when Juventus qualified for the champions league on the last matchday and he posted a picture of him shushing everyone on his insta”

“When you’re a kid and your captain is Roy Keane, you know that every time you run onto the pitch it is like running onto a battlefield. It leaves an effect that never leaves you.
Welcome home Ronny.”

“This is why I love him so much”

“The Atletico one is still the best.”

“Never understood after how so many times CR7 destroyed Athletico that still Simone, their players and fans could not learn to shut up.”

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