Solskjaer admits United supports a temporary suspension of the league

Footballing leagues around the world have been affected with coronavirus.

In England there have been calls for league to be put on a hold and now Solskjaer and United have given their backing to the idea.

Italian football has already been suspended, La Liga has also been suspeded for two weeks and many European clashes have been played with no fans in the stadium.

There is a consensus developing that putting everything on hold until a solution is found may be the best idea.

Speaking to the club’s official website, He said:

If a blanket ban was introduced I would understand, yes, under the circumstances.”

“Of course it’s up to the experts to decide.”

“The main concern must be the health of the general public and the decision that will be made we will back.”

The Norwegian admits he is unsure about what will happen and at the moment things are changing by the day.

He added:

“We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

“Have to get on with it when we can.”

“I think football is for fans, without fans we are nothing anyway.”

“The game should be always for them.”

“It’s still on the telly, but tomorrow [Thursday] we might get a different message or in two weeks.”

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