Rooney recalls the time when he took Ronaldo to McDonald’s to put on weight


Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the fittest footballer in the world now but there was a time he had to depend on McDonald’s to be more ‘athletic’.

Wayne Rooney and the Portuguese spent five years as team-mates for Manchester United where they both formed a blissful partnership upfront.

The 35-year-old boasts a very athletic build currently, one he’s always happy to show off by taking off his shirt during celebrations at times.

Despite all of that, Wayne Rooney has revealed Ronaldo was once so thin he had to depend on McDonald’s big macs to put on some weight.

Rooney was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail:

“With Cristiano, when I first got to United we used to go to games and train together. I remember the night before a game stopping off at McDonald’s because he wanted a Big Mac.

“He was trying to put weight on because he was so thin. I was driving the car, having to go through the drive-through to get him a Big Mac.”

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