Rookie Actress Jeong Ji-In Will Play The Role Of Kim Ye-Ji in “High School Return of a Gangster”

Rookie Jung Ji-In draws attention with her steady progress.

Recently, Jung Ji-In’s agency, Studio The Muro, announced that the actor has been confirmed to appear in the OTT drama “High School Return of a Gangster.”

The K-drama revolves around Kim Deuk-Pal (played by Lee Seo-Jin), a 47-year-old gang member who, due to certain events, finds himself inhabiting the body of a high school student, Song Yi-Heon (played by Yoon Chang Young).

In the K-drama, Jung Ji-In takes on the role of “Ye-Ji,” a friend of the male lead, Song Yi-Heon (played by Yoon Chan-Young).

Ye-Ji, portrayed by Jung Ji-In, is one of three close female friends of Song Yi-Heon, characterized by her lively and cheerful personality.

As Song Yi-Heon navigates life as a high school student possessed by a gangster, Ye-Ji’s interactions with her friends Yeon-Ji and Min-Ji promise to showcase various chemistry.

Jung Ji-In has previously appeared in works such as JTBC’s “Beyond Evil” and Netflix’s “The 8 Show,” leaving her mark as a scene-stealer.

With her innocent visuals and lovely demeanor, Jung Ji-In’s portrayal of a high school student in “High School Return of a Gangster” is highly anticipated.

The fantasy K-drama airs every Wednesday through platforms such as WAVE, TVING, and Viu(In some select countries).

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