“High School Return of a Gangster” First Two Episodes Receives Rave Reviews From Viewers

The Korean drama “High School Return of a Gangster” (also known as “I, a Gangster, Became a High Schooler” has been generating a lot of excitement since its recent release.

The show is available on streaming platforms such as Wavve, TVING, and Viu in select countries.

The story revolves around a gangster who, after possessing the body of a lonely high school student, uses his unique skills to seek revenge against the bullies and forms a new friendship while dealing with domestic violence.

The blend of fantasy elements, humor, and heartfelt moments has garnered praise from viewers.

Notably, actors Yoon Chan-Young and Bong Jae-Hyun deliver stable performances in their roles as Song Yi-Heon and Choi Se-Kyung, respectively.

Their chemistry contributes to the show’s popularity. Despite the familiar premise, the fantasy school drama genre allows these talented actors to shine.

Viewers have praised Yoon Chan-Young’s acting skills, Bong Jae-Hyun’s captivating voice, and the overall enjoyable storyline.

The K-drama has quickly captured viewers’ attention, with some expressing anticipation for the next episode.

Additionally, Lee Seo-Jin, who makes a special appearance as Kim Deuk-Pal, has impressed audiences with his transformation into a charismatic gangster.

His performance has sparked enthusiastic responses, with viewers praising his immersive portrayal.

Fans eagerly await the next installment of “High School Return of a Gangster,” curious about the fantastic synergy between Yoon Chan-Young, Bong Jae-Hyun, and Lee Seo-Jin.

The fantasy K-drama airs every Wednesday at 4 PM on Wavve and TVING.

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