Ronaldo tops Instagram rich list for Sports | Messi third

Ronaldo has topped the Instagram rich list for Sports

Almost 1.1 billion people use Instagram every month. Only Facebook and Youtube top that number.

Sport-stars use the platform to post about their daily lives and most importantly to promote their various sponsors.

Cristiano Ronaldo the most followed person on Insta, tops the list as he earns a whopping £784,000 per Instagram post.

Ronaldo has topped the Instagram rich list for Sports

Ronaldo is considerably ahead of its peers in the sports field. As second on the list is Neymar, who earns £580,000 per post.

Next in list is Lionel Messi as the Argentine brings in £521,000.


Instagram rich list for Sports

The top 10 list is filled with footballers, with Virat Kohli- cricket and LeBron James- Basketball are the only athletes from other sports.

There are few ex-footballers on the list as well with Beckham and Ronaldinho both collecting big paychecks even after leaving the football field.

CR7 also makes the top 3 of the overall Instagram Rich list. Kylie Jenner (£1.02m) and Ariana Grande (£800k) are the only two people which make more than him per post.

Well it certainly pays to be popular.

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