Lee Do Hyun First Look Of His Cameo Appearance In “Death’s Game”

In the upcoming TVING original series “Death’s Game,” which premieres on 15 December, Lee Do Hyun plays Jang Gun Woo, one of the cast members who will play a role in the 12 lives and deaths of Choi Yi Jae (played by Seo In Guk).

Lee Do Hyun had previously worked with director Ha Byung Hoon on the Kdrama “18 Again.” He chose “Death’s Game” as his last projext before enlisting in the army. Director Ha Byung Hoon revealed, “Jang Gun Woo’s character was written with Lee Do Hyun in mind when I was working on the script.”

Jang Gun Woo is a model who commands attention with his handsome appearance. Everywhere he walks is a runway, and he is always surrounded by women’s love and attention. He has no particular talent or goal in life, just a face and a lot of money.

In the released photos, Jang Gun Woo has a unique presence, no matter the time or place. Surrounded by a group of female students, he is bombarded with gifts, but his expression is nonchalant, suggesting how popular he was in school. The intelligent atmosphere of reading a book and the fresh smile under the flowering tree make the viewer’s heart flutter.

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Get To Know More About “Death’s Game” Kdrama

We are also looking forward to the new transformation of Lee Do Hyun, who was the inspiration for Jang Geon Woo’s character. With a face that combines melancholy, youthfulness, and edginess, he will show a variety of charms in the huge world of “Death’s Game.”

“We are deeply grateful to Do Hyun for his willingness to work with us even though he was about to enlist in the army,” said the producers, “I think viewers will see why the character of Jang Gun Woo was written with him in mind when they watch the drama. Please look forward to his performance.”

A fantasy thriller K-drama in which Choi Yi Jae, who is about to fall into hell, is forced to experience 12 deaths and lives by the judgement of death, the TVING original series “Death’s Game” will premiere on TVING on 15 December and will reach audiences in more than 240 countries around the world on Prime Video.

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