Seo In Guk Fights A Desperate Battle For Survival Against Park So Dam In “Death’s Game”

TVING’s original series “Death’s Game” (directed and written by Ha Byung Hoon,), which will premiere on Friday, December 15, has released the main trailer and group poster, foreshadowing the desperate rebellion of Choi Yi Jae (Seo In Gook), who is trying to escape death (Park So Dam), who has sentenced him to 12 deaths.

“Death’s Game” is a fantasy thriller Kdrama in which Choi Yi Jae, who is about to fall into hell, experiences 12 deaths and lives by the judgement of death.

In addition to Seo In Gook and Park So Dam, the drama features a line-up of actors including Kim Ji Hoon, Choi Si Won, Sung Hoon, Kim Kang Hoon, Jang Seung Jo, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Do Hyun, Go Yoon Jung, Kim Jae Wook, and Oh Jung Se.

The main trailer opens with Choi Yi Jae hanging precariously over a cliff in a sea of blood. Before death arrives, he is condemned to die 12 times in a variety of brutal ways – cut, torn, burned, and crushed – for the sins that brought him here in the first place.

The scale of Choi’s death is also striking. A skydive against a black sky, a motorbike chase in the middle of a boulevard, a plane crashing to the ground, and fights in prisons, warehouses, and other places show the scale of the world in “Death’s Game.”

Frustrated by his fate, Choi Yi Jae is rekindled by the dying man’s words, ‘If you survive even once among the repeated lives, I will give you the chance to spend the rest of your life in that body’.

Choi Yi Jae, who had been failing until his death, admires his new life, saying, “This body is great.”
He takes this as an opportunity to use the body he has been given. He takes this as an opportunity to find a way to escape death and live the rest of his life in the body he has been given. When Choi Yi Jae stands before the judgement seat of death and trembles, this time he shoots himself in the foot.

There are also clues scattered throughout the trailer to guess the situation of the secret cast, from Kim Kang Hoon being bullied by someone while covered in milk, to Jang Seung Jo fighting in a black suit, Lee Jae Wook in a prisoner’s uniform, and Lee Do Hyun sprinting down the street with Go Yoon Jung in a spring-like atmosphere. We can’t help but wonder how they will appear in Choi Yi Jae’s life.

The group poster released alongside the trailer also reveals the faces of Choi Yi Jae and the other characters who will share his death trial.

From Park Tae Woo (Kim Ji Hoon), the CEO of Taegang Group, to Lee Ji Soo (Go Yoon Jung), and eight other people whose names are not even known, the audience is intrigued to find out who will own the new life that Choi Yi Jae will be transferred to.

Watch Death’s Game Trailer Below

“From cathartic action such as chases and explosions to fluttering romance, eerie thrillers, and brutal noir, we’ll be bringing you a variety of stories, so please look forward to it,” said the producers of Death’s Game.

The TVING original series, Death’s Game, premieres on Friday, 15 December and is available in more than 240 countries worldwide on Prime Video.

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