De Bruyne wants to play longer and is missing the game

Kevin De Bruyne wants to play longer and is missing the game


Governments worldwide imposed a state of complete lockdown as the outbreak of coronavirus continues to upturn the planet.

Professional Football, as a result, in all of Europe’s biggest league had to be suspended with the clubs instructing the players to quarantine at home.

But none of the desperate internet measures can keep Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne from thinking about football.

During a live Instagram session, the Belgian confessed that the lack of action is taking a toll on him while also expressing his desire to extend his career by two years.

“I told my wife I’m going to play a little longer,” De Bruyne said.

“After this lockdown, I cannot stay at home. I told her I’m going to take two years more.

“It’s time to play football again. I miss it and it’s difficult. But we are not important, football is not important. People love football, but you need to stay safe.”

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