Cristiano’s final attempt to play against Barcelona

Cristiano’s final attempt to play against Barcelona


Cristiano Ronaldo is still trying to convince everybody that he can be virus-free by the time Juventus have to play against Barcelona.

We’ve revealed the rules he has to uphold in order for that to happen and it won’t be easy. The Portugal star needs to present negative test results exactly one week before the big match at Camp Nou. A game that is taking place in the Catalan city on October 28.

With that in mind, both Cristiano and Juventus put their plan in motion and began preparations today. Until last night, the plan was to remain in Portugal in quarantine but today brings some fresh challenges for everybody. Ronaldo agreed to return to Turin and remain in quarantine until he no longer tests positive for the virus.

Diario AS reports that the Portuguese government decided to facilitate an ambulance plane to the player. He flew to Italy in the early moments of the day in complete isolation to prevent further infections. After landing in Italy, Cristiano began his big plan to deliver those negative test results on October 21.

Can Ronaldo make it to play against Barcelona?

As of right now, knowing if Cristiano can make it to play against Barcelona is very hard to guess. The Italian government rules decided to lower the initial 14-day quarantine rules to 10 days, which helps Ronaldo’s plan. However, he is not completely out of the woods. As the days go by, he will have to go through expensive treatment that helps him get the virus out of his system as quickly as possible.

Had he remained in Portugal, Ronaldo would’ve missed all four games that we predicted he would. This included the crucial Champions League match against FC Barcelona, two Serie A matches, and the inaugural game against Dynamo Kyiv. Now that he is recovering in Italy, the star has a chance to make it to the league game against Hellas Verona.

He might also be able to confront Barcelona three days later. Everything will depend on how he responds to the treatment and how quickly his system can eradicate the virus from his body. Starting today, Ronaldo is fighting against the clock.

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