Video: New Netflix K-drama “A Killer Paradox” Starring Choi Woo-shik And Son Suk-Ku Teaser And Posters Released

The trailer and posters for the upcoming Netflix series “A Killer Paradox” have been released!

Plot Of “A Killer Paradox”

“A Killer Paradox,” a dark comedic thriller based on a webtoon, tells the story of an ordinary man who unintentionally kills a serial murderer and the police investigator who is pursuing him.

Director and Writer For “A Killer Paradox”

It will be headed by first-time scriptwriter Kim Da Min and director Lee Chang Hee, who previously directed the drama “Strangers from Hell” and the film “The Vanished.”

Main Characters Of “A Killer Paradox” (Choi Woo-shik and Son Suk-ku)

Choi Woo-Shik plays Lee Tang, a regular college student who discovers after his first unintentional murder that he has the capacity to recognize bad individuals.

Son Suk-Ku portrays investigator Jang Nan Gam, a man with senses and intuition similar to those of an animal who persistently hangs about Lee Tang.

Choi Woo-Shik Poster

Lee Tang learns that the guy he unintentionally murdered was a nasty criminal.

Lee Tang is confused by the improbable scenario that unfolded in front of him, whether it was just a coincidence or the result of his unique talent.

Son Suk-ku Poster

The attention-grabbing atmosphere of investigator Jang Nan Gam is depicted in another poster below.

Jang Nan Gam’s eyes radiate as though an enigmatic murder case—which gets stranger the more he investigates—has awakened some sort of insight or intuition.

What Happens In The Teaser Of “A Killer Paradox” Korean Drama

Lee Tang receives a forceful smack on the face in the trailer, which awakens him from his dull and sluggish everyday existence.

Lee Tang is viciously attacked by an unidentified guy as he returns from his part-time work at a convenience shop as usual.

Lee Tang pulls out a hammer and gives the man a hard blow; if it had been normal him, he would never have had the guts to respond.

The words, “A person was killed, I killed a person,” that flash on the screen hint to a turning point in Lee Tang’s life.

Watch The Teaser Below

Release Date of “A Killer Paradox” K-drama

On February 9, “A Killer Paradox” will be available exclusively on Netflix.

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