Video: In The New Teaser For “Can We Be Strangers,” Kang Sora And Jang Seung Jo Alternate Between Love And Loathing

“Can We Be Strangers?” is a forthcoming romance drama about two divorce lawyers who marry after ten years of dating, only to divorce. When they reunite as coworkers following their divorce, sparks erupt at every turn.

Kang Sora will play top divorce lawyer Oh Ha Ra, dubbed the “Goddess of Litigation,” while Jang Seung Jo will play her humorous ex Goo Eun Beom, who is also a great lawyer.

The new teaser is jam-packed with photographs and scenes of Oh Ha Ra and Goo Eun Beom, dating back to when they were in love.

Back then, the two had many wonderful moments together and appeared to be the picture of contentment.

The couple’s divorce, though, throws everything into disarray. Suddenly, they can’t take being in the same room with each other and express extreme dissatisfaction.

The trailer alternates between these moments of love and contempt, practically giving viewers whiplash with this glimpse into Oh Ha Ra and Goo Eun Beom’s complicated relationship.

Viewers can catch a peek of flashing lines of copy between these rapid-fire shots: “I’m a divorce lawyer. I’m also separated. Relationships. Love. Marriage. Loathing. Breaking apart. Happiness? Please tell me what true love is. What is causing the disintegration? What exactly is happiness? I’m a divorce lawyer who has been divorced. So, can we be strangers?”

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