Video: Georgina's latest revelations about her life with Cristiano Ronaldo

Video: Georgina’s latest revelations about her life with Cristiano Ronaldo


Georgina Rodriguez has revealed that she has banned Cristiano Ronaldo from changing the lightbulbs at home so as to avoid the risk of injury for him.

Rodriguez has also disclosed that she doesn’t allow Ronaldo to cook. She sometimes insists on preparing meals for him so that her boyfriend can enjoy food “prepared with love”.

The Portuguese forward met the Argentine model while she used to work as a sales assistant for Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion brand.

The couple have since been in an open relationship and share a mansion worth £7 million – which has its own gym, swimming pool, and football pitch – in Madeira, Portugal.

“Cristiano is a super dad and the best husband I could dream of. But he doesn’t cook,” said Rodriguez, speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport’s Sportweek magazine.

“After training all morning, he deserves to find a good plate of hot food prepared with love at the table. We have a chef and sometimes I cook.

“Changing a light bulb in our house is impossible, we have such high ceilings. If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb nearly 20 foot above the ground?

“Better not. Take care of yourself and dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do. I’ll take care of the rest. I make it all work out. I like to take care of my home and my family.”

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