Video: Erling Haaland – 49 Goals in Only 49 Games

Erling Haaland – 49 Goals in Only 49 Games

“He always appreciate his team mates who passes him the ball. Not every striker does that.”

“He’s going to break every goal record, he is a robot ⚽🤖”

“Still remember Haaland’s hattrick on his debut for Dortmund, the lad has come a long way and ain’t stopping.”

“Imagine being this good at his aged. Will be a scary few years if he fulfill his potential.”

“You just know he’s going to score every game.. such a pleasure to watch him play.”

“Goals 29 & 47 for me are my favourite goals he has scored for Dortmund. What a player, and let’s hope he stays till he gets to 100 bundesliga goals and beyond.”

“You get the feeling that him and Mbappe are going to be the new generations Ronaldo and Messi”

“All I’m saying is the through balls this man would get at city with De bruyne, bernardo and Grealish !!! Definitely could win the Champions League.”

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