Video: Alisha Lehmann will BLOW your mind!

Alisha Lehmann will BLOW your mind.

“This is a quality women’s player. Her touch, determination, strength, creativity and vision are exceptional.”

“Wow that’s a cool video. I’m so proud of Alisha, she’s such a fighter, never gives up, always there for the team. I followed her career from early on, saw her with U19 Swiss Team 🇨🇭 and here we are. She’s amazing!”

“God , she’s talented, poised and composed, national team? Hell yes.”

“Women’s football is coming on leaps and bounds! Well done ladies.”

“Flare, style and panache! There is always room for flamboyant, skill full entertainers. Puts me in mind of Louisa Necib, but she may even be better?”

“Alisha Lehmann one of the most beautiful and talented players in women football!! What do you think about her? Who else can be classified in the same bracket as her?”

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