Ronaldo in a race to recover from Covid-19 to face Messi in UCL game

Ronaldo in a race to recover from Covid-19 to face Messi in UCL game


After knowing about Ronaldo’s Covid-19 positive test, we tell you why his new confrontation against Lionel Messi might not happen at all.

We were all excited about the Champions League match between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, which happens 15 days from today. Everybody expected a brand new edition of this historic rivalry but the virus decided it might not happen at all. With the Portuguese star testing positive for Covid-19, there’s a protocol he needs to strictly follow.

This means that the Portugal international needs to immediately return to Italy and self-isolate for the next 10 days. After that, Cristiano needs to test negative at least twice before the match against FC Barcelona. Keep in mind that the Catalan club is the one making the trip to Allianz Arena.

At least Ronaldo doesn’t have to worry about that, but his next confrontation with Messi is still in danger of not happening. We suppose he will recover from the virus within 10 days, but that only leaves him five days to prepare to play the match for his club.

What games will Ronaldo miss with Juventus?

Unfortunately, this virus will make Cristiano Ronaldo miss another three games for Juventus. He won’t be available for the upcoming Serie A matches against Crotone and Hellas Verona. The star will also miss the inaugural Champions League match against Dynamo Kyiv that happens next week.

This latest setback with the Covid-19 situation makes Ronaldo look forward to a possible return to play against Barcelona. His rivalry against Leo Messi should be all he cares about during the month of October. A full recovery is his first priority, of course. But him missing that first game at home against Barcelona would be a real tragedy for football.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t go that way and Cristiano recovers in record time as many have done over the last eight months. We’ll be keeping you up to date on the situation and any new developments of this breaking news story.

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