“Queen of Tears” Continues To Dominate + “The Escape Of Seven” Season 2 and “Beauty and Mr. Romantic” See A Dip In Ratings | Viewership Ratings 30 March 2024

Viewership ratings battle for the packed Saturday continues.

According to Nielsen Korea, the tvN weekend drama “Queen of Tears” (written by Park Ji-eun, directed by Jang Young-woo and Kim Hee-won) that aired on the 30th recorded a nationwide household rating of 12.8%.

In this episode, the strained relationship between Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun) and Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won) was depicted due to their divorce agreement.

Baek Hyun-woo intentionally provoked Hong Hae-in to create a desire to fight him, igniting a precarious marital situation.

However, towards the end of the broadcast, the ailing Hong Hae-in, who had forgotten all about her work in Germany, confessed, “Baek Hyun-woo, I love you.”

Despite a 1.3% drop from the previous episode (14.1%), “Queen of Tears” achieved it’s highest Saturday ratings for the drama and remained the top-rated K-drama in its time slot.

Meanwhile, The MBC drama “Wonderful World”, which aired its 10th episode on March 30th, achieved a viewership rating of 9.2% based on Nielsen Korea’s nationwide household standard.

In the Seoul metropolitan area, it recorded a slightly higher viewership rating of 9.7%.

The series even reached a peak viewership rating of 12.6%.

“Wonderful World” follows the story of Eun Soo-hyun, a successful psychology professor and writer whose life unravels after her son’s tragic hit-and-run death.

Seeking justice, she inadvertently commits a crime and faces imprisonment.

The show delves into themes of grief, guilt, and redemption.

The main cast includes Kim Nam-joo as Eun Soo-hyun, Cha Eun-woo as Kwon Seon-yul, Kim Kang-woo as Kang Soo-ho (Soo-hyun’s husband), and Im Se-mi as Han Yoo-ri (Soo-hyun’s former manager)

The Kdrama “Beauty and Mr. Romantic,” which started airing on March 23rd, the third episode achieved a viewership rating of 14.9% based on Nielsen Korea’s nationwide household standard.
This figure is 2.3% lower than the previous episode (aired on March 24th) with a viewership rating of 17.2%.

Furthermore, it even recorded a 0.4% lower viewership rating compared to the first episode (aired on March 23rd), reaching its own lowest viewership rating.

The drama follows the story of Park Do Ra, a top actress who suddenly falls from grace, and Go Pil Sung, a rookie drama PD determined to lift her back up in a whirlwind of romance and personal growth.

In the drama “The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection”, which aired its second episode, the viewership rating was 3.2% based on Nielsen Korea’s nationwide household standard.

This figure is 1.2% lower than the previous episode (aired earlier) with a viewership rating of 4.4%.

The series follows the story of seven individuals seeking revenge after enduring false accusations and desires. Their pursuit of vengeance intensifies as they face their own mortality and the consequences of their actions.

The viewership ratings for the K-drama “Hide” reached 4.3% nationwide (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid household standard) and 5% in the Seoul metropolitan area, indicating an upward trend.

The drama follows Na Moon Young’s journey as she unravels the secrets surrounding her husband’s disappearance and confronts difficult truths.

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