Park Bo Gum And Kim So Hyun Set To Star Together In New Action K-drama “Good Boy”

Kim So Hyun and Park Bo Gum will work together on a new drama “Good Boy”.

Plot of “Good Boy”

The story of a group of gold medalists who become special police officers despite facing financial difficulties, limited career spans, injuries, and other obstacles is chronicled in the action-packed comedy drama “Good Boy.”

As a team, they become the “Olympic Avengers” and battle violent crime using special skills they developed as athletes.

Director and Scriptwriter For “Good Boy”

The K-drama “Good Boy” will be directed by Shim Na Yeon of “Beyond Evil” and “The Good Bad Mother,” and written by Lee Dae Il of “Chief of Staff” and “Life on Mars.”

Main Cast Of “Good Boy” K-drama

Yoon Dong Joo, a former boxer who won an Olympic gold medal, is portrayed by Park Bo Gum in the K-drama as a police officer for the special Violent Crime Unit.

He is recruited specially Olympic sportsmen employment. Yoon Dong Joo, who was born with a fighting gift, goes on to become an Olympic hero.

However, following a period of sadness, he rebuilds his life as a police officer and rekindles his fighting spirit in the face of injustice.

Kim So Hyun will portray Ji Han Na, a gold medallist in shooting in the Olympics who won a lot of admiration from the public for her stunning appearance and reputation as a “shooting goddess.”

But after a shocking incident, she gives up shooting and starts acting like a police officer. When it comes to love and work, she is refreshingly honest and direct, despite her seemingly cool demeanor.

“Good Boy” Production Team’s Thoughts On The Project And The Main Leads

“‘Good Boy’ is a refreshing story about Olympic heroes who leave the [playing] grounds with regulations and rules to fight against violent crimes that are rife with unethical behavior and foul play,” the “Good Boy” production team revealed.

Enjoy the chemistry between Park Bo Gum and Kim So Hyun as they authentically depict the tale of fighters who battle against violence, each with a unique backstory.

Release Date of “Good Boy” Korean Drama

The first episode of “Good Boy” is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

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