On the occasion of the Lunar New Year holiday, the girl group IVE sent out New Year’s wishes

Ive published a new year greeting photo for the new year of 2022 on the 30th through their agency Starship Entertainment, donning a 6-member, 6-color pastel-toned beautiful hanbok.

“We had a dream-like year of 2021,” Ive stated, “and the new year 2022, New Year’s Day, is coming.” Despite the fact that terrible days are still ahead because to the protracted COVID-19, We hope you have a pleasant and wonderful Lunar New Year.”

“We were able to reach 11 music shows thanks to Dive (fan club name), and We are already full of enthusiasm about how Ive’s year will be adorned,” they concluded. We hope that everyone’s 2022 shines as brightly as the enthusiasm we’re experiencing right now. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and eat a lot of great food.”

Ive, who made their debut on December 1st of last year, has established a distinct presence with the song ‘ELEVEN’ and has engaged in noteworthy activities.

It has produced extraordinary achievements by demonstrating the potential of a’monster rookie’ in a variety of worldwide charts, including Billboard, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, Billboard Japan, and China’s QQ Music, beginning at the top of key domestic music charts that demonstrate the public’s adoration.

Ive swept domestic music programmes and won 11 awards at music events, and even after their official activities have ended, they have continued their sparkling career as the ‘Record Breaker,’ inspiring people to look forward to the future.

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