“Not all fakes”… The Appraisal Board confirmed the genuineness of Song Ji-ah’s collection

Freezia was recently evaluated by Appraisal Institute with the validity of 21 of the most contentious things online, according to Dispatch on the 29th. In the last two years, Song Jia has uploaded 237 videos. She had nearly 500 things in her inventory.

As a consequence of this assessment, 12 of the 21 items were found to be authentic, 8 to be false, and 1 to be unconfirmed. The Chanel Classic and the Louis Vuitton sneakers she gave to her father, which some netizens thought were fakes, were real.

The Chanel pink knitwear and Dior pink tube top she wore during her participation in Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell,’ which catapulted Song Ji-ah to fame, were, however, knockoffs.

Song Jia apologised for her Chanel pink knitwear to her dispatcher, stating, “It appealed to me, therefore I purchased it. I had no idea about the counterfeit goods. It was completely inexcusable. There is no justification.”

She claimed that the pink tube top, which Dior had never launched, was a present from the head of a specific shopping centre, and that “she conducted a part-time fitting at that shopping mall.”

Song Jia apologised for her recent rumour once again through her dispatcher. She said with a lowered head, “What else do I need an explanation for? It was all I could think of to do. I had no idea what I was talking about. I used to believe that looking good was everything, and that it was too short. I apologise because I understand the sense of betrayal that many individuals have experienced.”

Song Ji-ah recently became a netizen’s target when several netizens alleged that the luxurious goods she wore were fakes. Infringement of a designer’s work was identified as a severe issue. On the other hand, some people believe that, despite Song Ji-apology, ah’s the criticism of the new hair transplant, which was not a critique, was excessive.

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