"Lionel Messi goes out to assassinate goalkeepers"- Willy Caballero

“Lionel Messi goes out to assassinate goalkeepers”- Willy Caballero


This season has been a flat out bad dream for all goalkeepers who face Lionel Messi, particularly since 2021 began.

This season, the Argentine is conveying comparative numbers to the 2012 exceptional year.

There’s valid justification to accept he may convey something comparative before the current year’s over.

In the end, we may be taking a gander at perhaps the most productive year from the Argentine.

Any goalkeeper who has confronted Messi this season will reveal to you the equivalent, however an ideal record of this came from a source that realizes him well indeed.

We are discussing Willy Caballero, the Argentina and Chelsea goalkeeper who shared the changing area with Messi.

Nonetheless, he additionally languished Leo over numerous years during his time as Malaga’s goalkeeper.

Somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2014, Willy played against Messi a few times and lost the vast majority of them.

Just players like him can mention to you what it seems like to have Messi coming straightforwardly at you with the ball at his feet.

Willy marks Leo Messi an ‘assassin’.

As it occurs with a lot more goalkeepers who endured his fierceness, Caballero likewise needed to persevere through extreme minutes against Leo Messi.

The Argentine doesn’t appear to be that scary from the outset, however playing against him is perhaps the hardest thing any goalie can persevere.

For Caballero’s situation, he’s done it in a wide range of rivalries and endured without fail.

During an interview with 90Min, this is what Caballero had to say about Messi:

“Facing Messi, I had to suffer. He goes out to assassinate the goalkeepers. The goalkeepers, the defenders – he’s going to kill [them].

And killing means scoring as many goals as possible. He doesn’t care if you know him, if you’re Argentine or if you’re a friend.

He’ll talk to you afterwards, greet you and everything else, but in those 90 minutes he’s on a mission to hit you with goals.”

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