Larsson never thought that Ronaldo and Messi would become what they are today

Henrik Larsson one of the greatest Swedish player of all time has played with both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Not many players have played with both Messi and Ronaldo and even fewer can say that they did before they were so highly thought of.

Larsson has had the privilege of seeing both of them during the developing period of their careers.
The Swedish legend admits they were good but he never saw them being this good.

Talking in Sky Sports’ transfer talk podcast, he said:

“Messi was only 17 turning 18.”

“He was good he was really good but I couldn’t see what would come.”

“Nobody could have seen how many goals he would have scored.”

“Don’t forget I had Ronaldinho in the team at the same time.”

“He was amazing, it was hard to see Messi or Cristiano going there as well.”

Larsson only spent a short time with Ronaldo on his loan spell at Man United. He believes Ronaldo was close to the finished article but he took it to another level at Madrid.

He added:

“Cristiano was really really good before he went to Madrid.”

“But, he has just taken it to another level.”

“Those are just two fantastic players.”

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