Kwon Eun Bi Has Announced Her Third Solo Concert With A Poster

Kwon Eun Bi has released a poster for her third solo concert named 2023 KWON EUNBI 3rd CONCERT ‘QUEEN’.

On the 6th, her agency, Woollim Entertainment, released the main poster for “2023 KWON EUNBI 3rd CONCERT ‘QUEEN'” through their official social media accounts.

In the image, Kwon Eun Bi shows off the overwhelming power of the legendary ‘Queen’ with a more mature aura and charismatic eyes. Her unique visuals, goddess like elegance, and subtle white smoke added a sense of mystery to the image, stimulating fans’ interest.

With her recent comeback miracle with “The Flash,” Kwon Eun Bi has earned the title of “Summer Queen,” and with her third solo concert, she is set to solidify her title as “Global Queen.

Meanwhile, Kwon Eun Bi’s third solo concert will be held on 7 and 8 October at BLUE SQUARE Mastercard Hall. Fan club pre-sales will be held on the 6th at 8pm via Interpark Ticket.

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