Kim Se Jeong Shines In A New Photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar

Kim Se Jeong has shown her deeper charm through a new photoshoot released by Bazaar.

Harpers Bazaar, a fashion magazine unveiled four new photos of Kim Se Jeong wearing the luxury brand.

The photoshoot was able to capture the graceful beauty of Kim Se Jeong with the chic and natural take on the look, and it was eye catching

Kim Se Jeong Beautiful

In the picture we see the autumn stying as in the first cover she shows off her innocent yet chic look while in another cover, we can see the modern and unique look.

Kim Se Jeong known for bubbly charm is also shown to have a sophisticated charm about her.

Se Jeong right now is starring Counter Season 2, next month she will be making her singing comeback by releasing her first full length album “Moon” on 4th of September.

Se Jeong for Bazaar
Kim Se Jeong
Kim Se Jeong for Harpers Bazaar

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