Kim Da-mi and Son Suk-gu Are Set To Star Together In Disney + Kdrama “Nine Puzzle”

Actors Kim Da-mi and Son Suk-gu will work in director Yoon Jong-bin’s new series, “Nine Puzzle”.

The upcoming original series “Nine Puzzle”, in which Kim Da-mi and Son Suk-gu are cast, is set to be released on Disney+ in 2025 according to the streaming platform.

“Nine Puzzle” is a mystery thriller that revolves around Lee Na (played by Kim Da-mi), the sole witness of an unsolved case from 10 years ago, who is currently a profiler in the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Crime Analysis Team.

She teams up with Detective Han Saem (played by Son Suk-gu), who suspects her as a suspect until the end.

Together, they unravel the secrets behind a new series of serial murders, all connected by mysterious puzzle pieces.

Director Yoon Jong-bin, known for works like “The Spy Gone North”, “Nameless Gangster: Rules of Time”, and the series “Narco-Saints”, brings his latest creation to the screen.

Kdrama "Nine Puzzle" Release Date

In the drama, Kim Da-mi portrays Lee Na, a profiler with exceptional skills in understanding criminals’ psychology and motives at crime scenes.

She was the sole witness and a suspect in her uncle’s murder case a decade ago. Using her unique approach, she delves into the truth behind the incidents.

Detective Han Saem, played by Son Suk-gu, collaborates with Lee Na in investigating the cases.

Although an elite police officer with persistence and sharpness, Han Saem’s unconventional behavior adds confusion due to its otherworldly nature.

The anticipation is high for the chemistry between these two talented actors as they breathe life into the characters in “Nine Puzzle,” marking their first collaboration with director Yoon Jong-bin.

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