‘Juvenile Justice’ Kim Hye-soo → Lee Jung-eun The reason why she decided to appear… Intense teaser poster released

‘Juvenile Justice,’ a story long cherished by new writer Kim Min-seok and balanced by veteran director Hong Jong-chan, is a storey about juvenile crimes and the judges in charge of them, as judge Shim Eun-seok, who ‘hates’ juvenile criminals, faces when he is appointed to the juvenile department of the district court. It’s a Netflix original series with a plot. ‘Boy Judgment’ began with writer Kim Min-curiosity seok’s about a judge’s tale, which was rarely reported in the media in comparison to lawyers and prosecutors.

Knowing that judges serve in a variety of capacities, writer Min-seok Kim grew particularly interested in the juvenile justice system’s operations, namely how juvenile criminals are dealt with and tried, and how judges prepare and issue judgements. Furthermore, by continuing to cover the country, I was able to hear about the realities of juvenile crimes that the media had yet to see, as well as the stories of many others working in the sector. He began by visiting the district and family courts of each court, as well as juvenile detention centres, juvenile classification reviewers, No. 6 disposition agencies, and child recovery clinics, to sketch out the story.

“It’s truly astonishing that adults in this position think about their children,” writer Kim Min-seok said. He listened to the many viewpoints of judges, investigators, court employees, facility officials, lawyers, and others and said, “I tried to write delicately so as not to damage them.” He stated that he was having financial difficulties. In ‘juvenile judgement,’ four judges with differing views on juvenile offenders present. Their differing viewpoints make us consider what our society should do with juvenile offenders. Four years after writer Kim Min-seok conceived the idea for ‘Boys’ Judgment,’ director Hong Jong-chan joined the project.

‘Dear My Friends,’ a film about old age and companionship, ‘Life,’ a film about the absurdity of the medical profession, and ‘Her Private Life,’ a film about virtues and a passion for people and life,’ among others. Director Hong Jong-chan, who has sensitively handled the story, expressed his delight after reading the script, stating, “It will be tough to encounter such a project in the future after getting the script. I was under the impression that I had to do it.” “I began to believe that the scenario told in ‘Juvenile Judgment’ is not someone else’s problem, but rather a problem that is intimately linked to our surroundings, where I could one day become the father of the culprit or victim.”

We ask the unavoidable questions of what we have been doing and what we can do about juvenile crime and reality using the diverse viewpoints and opinions of the four judges.

The teaser poster, which features a striking black and white contrast and a red title, piques our interest in the stories they will tell us, depicting several juvenile criminals and four judges with various expressions. “I was astonished that such a drama could be created,” Kim Hye-soo, who plays Judge Shim Eun-seok, who isn’t afraid to express she despises juvenile criminals, remarked.

When she initially heard about the situation, she commented, “It was good to think that it was a series that viewers had no choice but to consider together, and I was glad that the task came to me.” Judge Cha Tae-joo, played by Kim Moo-yeol, has a different temperature than Shim Eun-seok when it comes to juvenile criminals “Because I was interested in the tale, I was naturally drawn to it. I appreciated the goal of the project and wanted to work on it with you.”

“‘Juvenile Justice’ was a work that sought a more active and specific response,” Lee Seong-min, who played Chief Judge Kang Won-jung, stated why he had no choice but to participate in the project. “It was great as an actor that a work that could catch the image of the times of the society we are experiencing came out as an actor,” Lee Jung-eun, who plays Na Geun-hee, another judge with a caustic demeanour, said. Adds to the intrigue.

‘Juvenile Justice,’ which was born from the production team’s hard work for a balanced portrayal of juvenile offenders, as well as the empathy and support of the actors who played the four judges, is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on February 25th.

‘Juvenile Justice’ Kim Hye-soo → Lee Jung-eun The reason why she decided to appear… Intense teaser poster released

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