Joo Won Reveals A Great Thing He Did For His Unit While He Was Serving In Military

Joo Won reveals the story behind his time in the military.

Actor Joo Won appeared in the YouTube content “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night,” which was released on the 28th, showing off his shy and confident reverse charm.

On this day, Joo Won was surprised to see Jo Hyun Ah drinking a 25-percent alcoholic beverage and revealed his alcohol consumption, saying, “I can almost taste it even if I drink a little.” “If you feel drunk, you should let me know,” Jo Hyun Ah said, drawing laughter.

Joo Won then started talking about his time in the military, where he performed on stage with Go Kyung Pyo, Taeyang, and Dae Sung.

He then revealed that he did something really big behind the scenes. Joo Won said he started thinking about his unit in Cheorwon.

“The army chief of staff was there. When I was about to leave, I called the Chief of Staff,” he said, adding that he appealed to him to allow his unit to see the stage.

He then said, “It was almost accepted on the spot,” and Cho Hyun-ah was surprised by his courage and laughed, saying, “You really did something big.”

Meanwhile, the YouTube content “Cho Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” is released every Thursday at 7pm.

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