When is Episode 16 of Kdrama “Dare to Love Me” Releasing?

Dare to Love Me Episode 16: Everything You Need To Know About Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young K-drama.

Dare to Love Me” is a Korean drama that tells the story around the unlikely bond between Shin Yoon Bok, a traditionalist from Seongsan village, and his art instructor, Kim Hong Do, who is known for his daring and direct approach. It stars Kim Myung Soo, Lee Yoo Young, Bae Jong Ok, Sun Woo Jae Duk, Park Eun Seok and Jo In in prominent roles. Continue reading as we reveal the release date, time, plot, and all the details you need to know about Dare to Love Me kdrama.

When Will “Dare to Love Me” Episode 16 will be released?

“Dare to Love Me” is a highly anticipated rom-com Korean drama featuring the delightful chemistry of Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yoo Young. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the sixteenth episode, which is scheduled to air on July 2, 2024, at 10:10 PM KST (6:10 AM PT, 9:10 AM ET, 2:10 PM BST, 6:30 PM IST).

Main Cast For Dare to Love Me

ActorCharacter Name
Kim Myung SooShin Yoon Bok
Lee Yoo YoungKim Hong Do
Bae Jong OkCamille Jang
Sun Woo Jae DukShin Soo Geun
Park Eun SeokLee Jun Ho
Jo InShin Yi Bok
Han Gi ChanKim Hong Hak
Kim Si HyeonLee Hyang Gi
Seo Byuk JoonLee Do Young
Lee Myung HoFrankie Leroux
Lim Young JuOh Yoon Ah
Park Yoon HeeLee Bum Gyo
Lee Se RangYeo Joo Daek
Kim Byung ChunKim Chil Bok

Dare to Love Me K-drama Trailer

What is Dare to Love Me about?

Shin Yoon Bok, a diligent scholar from Seongsan Village, South Korea, is given the important responsibility of preserving the Joseon Dynasty’s heritage and recovering valuable cultural artifacts for his family.

While he deeply respects the wisdom of his elders and faithfully follows their guidance as a prominent Confucian scholar, Yoon Bok also possesses a modern-day youth’s progressive mindset and occasionally rebels against the norms.

Despite his polite nature, Yoon Bok finds it challenging to form emotional connections with others and tends to keep a certain level of distance.

Yoon Bok’s decision to leave Seoul and chase his dream of becoming a webtoon writer leads him to a fateful encounter with Kim Hong Do, a woman tired of life’s challenges.

As Yoon Bok, known for his reserved nature, embarks on this new chapter, he must find a way to handle the rollercoaster of emotions that awaits him.

Watch the love story form between a diligent scholar who is polite and respectful and a designer who is daring.

Where can I watch Dare to Love Me K-drama Episode 16?

The Kdrama “Dare to Love Me” will be available on Netflix and Viki with English subtitles.

Dare to Love Me Episode 16

Dare to Love Me will start airing on 13 May. The K-drama will release one episode every Monday-Tuesday for a total of 16 episodes. Episode 16 will release on 2 July 2024.

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