“Cristiano Ronaldo is special, I’m lucky to play with him,” - Chiellini

“Cristiano Ronaldo is special, I’m lucky to play with him,” – Chiellini


Juventus’ chief Giorgio Chiellini has been a Bianconero since 2005. Consequently, the protector has normally played close by and furthermore confronted the absolute best players on the planet.

All things considered, Chiellini likely dozes better around evening time realizing he will not need to confront Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch.

Truth be told, we’re certain that the 36-year-old actually recalls the awe-inspiring bike kick that Juventus endured while Cristiano was as yet a Real Madrid player.

Maybe that is the reason Chiellini is glad to such an extent that Ronaldo is his colleague rather than his adversary: he knows his assignment as a protector is currently simpler than previously.

“Cristiano is special, I don’t know,” Chiellini stated in the pre-match press conference. “It’s lucky to work with him and be able to ‘steal’ those little secrets that have allowed him to become a champion.”

“We all have different characteristics and it’s just a matter of finding the right automatisms, but the same thing happens with any teammate with whom you play close, even from other positions.”

Additionally, the veteran center-back believes that Ronaldo’s nationality is a big plus as they prepare to face Porto in Cristiano’s native country.

“Tomorrow we will play in Portugal, it is his home. He will have even more incentives to do well and score goals.”

“We’re going into it with enthusiasm, albeit aware of the obstacles,” said Chiellini. “Porto defend very well; they are a physical team, and we will have to be good at breaking them down and avoiding their counter-attacks that can be devastating.

“Since we drew Porto I started studying their forwards. They are dangerous both in the spaces and on crosses, but they also have excellent players out wide. We will have to be ready and not allow spaces.”

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