When is “Blood Free” Episode 5 & 6 Releasing; Where To Watch And Stream The Series

“Blood Free” Episode 5 and 6: Everything You Need To Know About Han Hyo Joo, Ju Ji Hoon, Lee Hee Joon and Lee Moo Saeng Korean drama

Blood Free” is a K-drama, directed by Park Cheol-Hwan and written by Lee Soo-Yeon, that follows Han Hyo Joo, CEO of BF, a company that dominates the genetically engineered cultured meat market. But not everyone is happy with the current path taken by the CEO.

Ju Ji Hoon is hired as a bodyguard for Hyo Joo amidst all the chaos.

Below you will get to know all the details of the K-drama from where to watch, when is it releasing and all the other details.

When Will “Blood Free” Episode 5 & 6 will be released?

Blood Free stars “Moving” star Han Hyo Joo and “Kingdom” star Ju Ji Hoon in lead roles, fans are already excited to see the pairing in a K-drama. The release date for episode 5 and 6 of “Blood Free” is April 24, 2024. It will air at 4:00 pm KST (12:00 am PT) (3:00 am ET) (8:00 am BST) (12:30 pm IST).

Main Cast For Blood Free

ActorCharacter Name
Ju Ji HoonWoo Chae Woon
Han Hyo JooYoon Ja Yoo
Lee Hee JoonSeon Woo Jae
Lee Moo SaengOn San
Park Ji YeonJung Hae Deun
Jo Bok RaeSeo Hee

Is There A Trailer For “Blood Free”

Yes, here is the trailer for the Thrilling Sci-Fi korean drama.

What is Blood Free about?

Blood Free is a Korean drama written by Lee Soo Yeon and directed by Park Cheol Hwan. It is set in a time when meat can be genetically engineered.

BF dominates the meat market through their technology led by their CEO, Yoon Ja Yoo (Han Hyo Joo), but there are people inside the company and outside who are not happy with the path taken by Yoon Ja Yoo.

Woon Chae Woon (Ju Ji Hoon) is a retired military officer who deliberately approaches Yoon Ja Yoo and becomes her bodyguard. Both of them come across a series of strange incidents and a mysterious death.

Where can I watch Blood Free K-drama Episode 5 & 6?

All the episodes of Blood Free will be available on Disney Plus.

Blood Free Episodes 5 And 6

Blood Free Kdrama will start streaming on 10 April on Disney Plus. The K-drama will release two episodes every Wednesday for a total of 10 episodes. Episodes 5 and 6 will release on 24 April 2024.

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