Here is how much Cristiano Ronaldo gives Georgina in monthly allowance | You will be shocked

You will be shocked how much Cristiano Ronaldo gives Georgina in monthly allowance


Georgina Rodriguez is the long time girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo.

She is a stay at home mother of four for the most part. They have one daughter together and she helps Cristiano raise his other three children too.

Rodriguez does earn her own money through her Instagram account and various interviews and endorsements. Perks she has picked up as the girlfriend of the most famous footballer on the planet.

According to Italian outlet Corriere Dello Sport, this can be around 8000 Euros a month from social media, and as much as 100,000 Euros per interview.

This, however, doesn’t come close enough money to purchase lavish gifts like a Mercedes G-Wagon for CR7.

Or taking the children clothes shopping. Perhaps a helicopter ride to this fashion show or a holiday on that golden beach.

She does apparently have another source of income though.

Ronaldo who himself earns upwards of 40 million Euros a year, just from football. He ensures Georgina and the kids want for nothing.

Giving her a sizeable chunk of change for those necessities of life.

They estimate a whopping one hundred grand a month. No wonder she’s holding on to her man tight!

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